How to create a Claap account

Register your account to start using Claap

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Registered users can create their own workspace, invite other users to collaborate on their workspaces, or be invited as team members. Sign up for free to discover Claap.

Profile registration

You first need to register and validate your email. There are two options: sign up with your Email or Google account. Let's look at both options:

Sign up with Email

1. Fill out the Work Email and Password fields in the registration form and click on Sign up with Email. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Signup for Claap

2. This will redirect you to a page where you need to submit your confirmation code.

Signup for Claap

If you haven't received a confirmation email from us, please contact us.

3. Open your email app and the email you received from Claap. Inside, you find a 6-digit code. Enter that code in the screen shown above (💡 tip: you can copy-paste the code so you don't have to manually enter it).

4. Once the code is confirmed, fill in your first name, last name, role, and channel. It's important to select the role that you most identify with. We will use this information to tailor the guides and examples we show during your onboarding.

Sign up with Google

The steps to sign up with Google are almost the same as when you sign up with Email. The only exception is that you skip the email verification step since we do this automatically.

Team creation

You can now set up your new team by filling out a small survey.

1. Fill in your Company or team name and Company size.

At this stage, you can also be suggested to join an existing workspace if you have been invited by teammates in the past.

2. Next, create your first topic. Give it a name and you can also choose an icon. This step is not required and you can jump to the recording by selecting Quick record instead 🏎

3. Invite your teammates. Share the invite link, invite via email or skip this step - you will be able to invite collaborators later.

Install the extension or desktop app

Download the Claap Chrome Extension from the Chrome Web Store (more detailed info here: How to install the Claap Chrome extension).

You can skip this step but without the extension or desktop app, you won’t be able to record videos.

Well done! You’re now ready to start exploring Claap!

💡Still got questions? Don't be shy — Ask the Community or get in touch with Claap support, we're here to help!

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