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Learn how to troubleshoot "you denied access in the past" warning.

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If you encounter the below pop-up message warning you that "You denied access in the past!", it is possible that two things happened:

To resolve this, choose your scenario and follow the steps below.

1. You denied access in the past

If you previously skipped or declined permissions to the camera and microphone, you can accept them later, either from the extension popup or from the Chrome bar.

Extension popup

Next time you open the Chrome extension, you’ll be able to grant access to the camera and microphone by clicking on the Grant Access buttons in the Chrome extension popup.

Chrome bar

Another option to grant permissions is to click on the permission button in the Chrome bar and click on Always accept permissions in the Chrome permission popin.

If you don't see this icon in you Chrome bar, navigate in your Chrome settings > Privacy and Security > Site settings. Then click on Claap for Chrome, and turn on Cam and mic permissions.

On Brave

When using Brave browser, make sure to click on forever in the permission popin to correctly set up the Claap Chrome extension.

2. You didn't deny access to your webcam and mic

Re-authorize Google Chrome

In this scenario, you might need to re-authorize Google Chrome to record your screen:

  1. Go to your Mac settings > Security & Privacy

  2. Scroll down to Screen Recording

  3. Unselect Google Chrome

  4. Restart the browser

  5. Go back to your Mac settings > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording

  6. Select again Google Chrome

Check your company security rules

It might also be the case that your browser / computer is under IT department security rules. If that's the case, the permissions on your browser / OS might be reset often, thus disabling mic and cam settings. Please check with your IT department!

Special set-ups

Using an external camera

If you using an external camera, confirm your external camera is connected correctly to your laptop/desktop and turned on.

Using a second monitor with your laptop

If you're using a second monitor next to your laptop, make sure your laptop lid is open. Some users reported Claap can't access their webcam and mic when the laptop lid is closed.

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