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How to move a claap to a new channel
How to move a claap to a new channel

You have the flexibility to move claaps between channel to keep your workspace organized. Here we show you how.

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From the claap screen

On the top bar, you have two options to move a claap to a different channel: from the dedicated icon or from the settings menu.

When you click on Move to channel, an overlay shows up. You can choose if you want to move the claap to an existing channel or create a new one. If you have too many channels, you can also search them by name in the search box at the top of the overlay.

When you decide to create a new channel, you are redirected to the new channel screen and can give it a name.

πŸ’‘ When a claap is moved, all permissions are overridden. All the members on the destination channel have access to that claap and the former guests/members lose their access if applicable.

From the workspace channel

You can also move claaps directly from the workspace channel. Locate the claap you want to move, hover it to see additional settings, and you see again a dedicated icon and the settings menu. From here, follow the same steps as explained above.

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