How to duplicate a claap

You can duplicate claaps from the Claap screen or from the workspace topic page.

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One of the most common reasons to duplicate a claap is to prevent different audiences from seeing everyone’s comments. Imagine you want to share a product demo with customers to get feedback. For privacy reasons, you don't want all your customers to see each others' comments. It’s better to send a unique copy to each customer and collect their feedback separately.

Duplicating a claap video is only available on our Team and Enterprise plans.

How to duplicate a claap video

From the claap screen

To duplicate a claap from the claap screen:

  1. On the page of a particular claap, click on the ••• button at the bottom of the claap video.

  2. Click on Duplicate in the overlay to duplicate the claap.

From the topic screen

You can also duplicate a claap from the topic page.

  1. Click on the ••• button next to title of any claap.

  2. Click on Duplicate in the overlay to duplicate the claap.

What happens when a claap is duplicated?

A few things happen when you duplicate a claap:

  • The duplicated a claap is placed in the same topic as the original one.

  • If you duplicate a claap from a team topic, the members of the original claap will also have access to the new duplicate claap.

  • If you duplicate a private claap, the new duplicated one remains private too.

  • Comments, video insights, and viewability status won’t be carried on, regardless of the location of the original claap.

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