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Organize your work with our powerful and flexible workspace hierarchy!

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Claap's workspace offers you more control & flexibility to structure everything from small teams to enterprise companies. Claap’s hierarchy provides an organized way to break down your organization’s work into multiple levels: teams, channels, and claaps.

What is Claap’s hierarchy?

The hierarchy in Claap is the following:

  1. A workspace contains teams

  2. Teams contain channels

  3. Channel contain claaps

The hierarchy is not strict. Below are the specific rules to take into account:

  • Claaps can be independent, meaning they are not necessarily related to any team or topic.

  • Channels can’t be independent, they always belong to a team.

  • Channels can’t be in several teams.

  • Claaps for the moment are limited to one channel.

  • A team can’t be moved across workspaces (nor a channel or claap).


Workspaces are the top level of our hierarchy. They represent your entire company, organization, small business, household, and more. You should have one workspace and organize it into one or more teams.


Available on your workspace sidebar, teams allow you to add a new layer of organization to your work. With specific topics and a set of permissions, you can meet the needs of various departments and teams.


Channels let you organize your team’s work to make it easier to find and share: design reviews, product updates, GTM alignment, OKR review. Add covers, description, and labels.

Claap videos

Claap videos are the most important part of the work you deliver with our platform. Record quick videos of your screen, get contextual feedback, and make decisions.

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