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Integrations with Asana, ClickUp, Jira, and others
Integrations with Asana, ClickUp, Jira, and others
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We offer an embed mode for most popular platforms such as Github, JIRA, Asana, and other popular platforms. The way the claap player is displayed depends on the platform's support for our embed code. If supported, the player will be embedded; otherwise, a GIF of the claap will be shown. In both cases, we include the title of the claap below, which serves as a clickable link to the actual claap.

How it works

To embed a claap video, just copy the claap link and paste it as shown below:

Supported platforms

You can find which platforms we support and the expected behavior here:

  • Asana: in threads

  • ClickUp: in replies + new reply input

  • Intercom: in the discussions + new/edit reply inputs

  • JIRA: In the issue descriptions, replies and new/edit reply inputs

  • Trello: In card descriptions, replies, and new reply input

  • Github: in the issue descriptions, replies, and new/edit reply inputs

  • Gitlab: in the issue descriptions, replies, and new/edit reply inputs

  • Linear: in the issue descriptions, comments, and new/edit comment inputs

  • Gmail: in the “new email” text input (GIF only)

Fallback mode

When the claap embed mode is not officially supported, there is a fallback mode that works in some scenarios.

Please note this is a limited working version for some scenarios until we develop a fully supported integration.

How it works: before copying the claap video, add /embed to the end of the URL. For example:

Note: it's best to paste the claap's URL in search bar of your browser (or in your notepad), add the /embed there and then copy the whole link. We recommend this because in platforms like ClickUp if you paste first the URL and only then add the /embed, it won't recognize the /embed as part of the URL, as shown below:

Keeping the same example of ClickUp, this is how the fallback embed will look like this:

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