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Claap x Notion integration
Claap x Notion integration

Discover how to embed any claap video into a Notion page

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One of the best ways to ensure your team is on top of your documentation? Offering different formats, to meet different preferences to consume information. That’s why users love our integration with Notion: you can complement step-by-step instructions with a video walkthrough. Useful not only for training, but also to present your product specs, marketing campaigns, and keep track of all your meeting notes and next steps.

If you're here, it's most likely that you are already familiar with So keep reading to learn all about integrating Claap files in Notion.

How it works

There are two options to integrate a claap video in Notion, depending if you’re using a Database or a standalone Notion page.

For Notion Databases

You can build new Notion pages out of your claaps and include transcripts, AI notes, and more. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to the claap you want to send to Notion

  2. Click on the Apps + Integrations icon on the top, or on Send to Apps + below the video

  3. Click on Add to Notion

  4. Choose if you want to Create a new page or Link an existing page

    1. To create a new page:

      1. Edit the title if you wish

      2. Search for the database where you want to create a new page

      3. Tick the boxes if you want to also include the AI Summary and transcript

      4. Fill out the rest of the properties (same ones you have in Notion)

      5. Click on Create page

    2. To link an existing page:

      1. Search for the Notion page

      2. Click on Link page

For Standalone Pages

To integrate a Claap video in Notion, you just have to copy the URL of your claap video and paste it into Notion. Here are the steps:

Copy the claap video URL

The first step is grabbing the URL of the claap video you wish to embed in a Notion page. You can do it from the topic page or from the claap page:

Paste it in Notion

The next step is to simply paste the link into a Notion page. You have two options:

Option 1: Searching for the Claap block and paste the link there

Option 2: Paste the claap link directly in a Notion page and select the option Paste as a preview:


Consolidate Your Meeting Notes in Notion

👉 Save 10 min per meeting and keep all meeting notes in one place:

  • Record meetings using Claap

  • Summarize meetings with AI Summary templates

  • Create a Notion page from Claap in a “Meeting Notes” database

  • Access the page with your claap and summary directly on it

Generate & Centralize User Research

Prevent the loss of valuable insights in old Google drives:

  1. Record user research with Claap

  2. Use the “User research” template to generate a summary

  3. Annotate transcripts with comments to pinpoint insights

  4. Push the video with summary and transcript directly in your “User Research” database in Notion

Create Training Programs in Minutes

Ever wanted to create a quick tutorial, generate the written guidelines then create a new page right in your onboarding programs in Notion?

  1. Create new tutorial videos & use the “Training” AI-summary

  2. Push new tutorial to Notion right from Claap

  3. Approve newly created tutorials from Notion

  4. Let newcomers watch video with written instructions in Notion

Centralize Product Updates

Ensure everyone stays informed about upcoming features:

  1. Record weekly product demos with Claap

  2. Summarize them to generate written notes

  3. Push it to a Notion database so everyone can access it easily

Create New Content Faster

Turning a customer call into content can take time. By recording your sessions with Claap, you’ll have a record of every thought so you can have something ready in 1 hour, not 1 day:

  • Upload interview to generate transcript and highlights

  • Push it to Notion with the summary and transcript

  • Use Notion AI to turn your transcripts into polished articles

💡Still got questions? Don't be shy — Ask the Community or get in touch with
Claap support, we're here to help!

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