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Claap x Slack integration
Claap x Slack integration

Read how to activate the integration between Claap and Slack

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Stop context switching with our integration with Slack! With the Slack integration you can:

  • Directly play video in Slack: copy the link and let your teammates watch the recording in Slack

  • Get notified and reply to comments in Claap directly from Slack

  • Connect Claap topics with Slack channels to automatically post video updates in Slack

Connect Claap with Slack

Go to Apps & Integrations. From there, select Slack, click on Connect and then Allow in the new window, as shown below:

You can also connect Claap and Slack directly from the Slack App Directory.

Manage Claap notifications in Slack

To start receiving Claap notifications in Slack, make sure you have Slack notifications activated: go to your Personal Settings, then My notifications:

You can turn Claap notifications on and off in Slack as needed.

When Slack notifications are activated, Claap will send you notifications for the following activity:

  • you’re tagged in a video

  • someone replies to one of your comments

  • new comments are made in videos you’re subscribed to

  • you’re invited to a new Claap videos

Comment notifications in Slack include:

  • Team member’s name

  • Claap name and link

  • Topic name and link

  • Contents of the comment

Reply to comments in Slack

The Claap integration for Slack lets you reply to comments in claap videos without opening them in Claap. When you reply to a comment in Slack, your reply is added to the thread in the claap video.

  1. From the Claap app channel, click Reply thread under the comment notification

  2. Enter your message & send it

Sync a Claap topic with a Slack channel

The Claap integration for Slack lets you connect a Claap Topic with one or many Slack public channels. When you share a claap in a topic, it is instantly shared in the synced Slack public channels.

  1. From the Topic’s page, click on the Slack icon to connect this Topic to Slack

  2. Select the Slack channels to link

💡 You can only connect Claap with a public Slack channel. Private channels are not currently supported.

When to use Claap vs. Slack?

  • Claap: it helps you align stakeholders, providing more context & enabling people to make better, faster decisions.

  • Slack: helps you answer to short messages very quickly

  • Claap + Slack:

    • Claap > Slack: Start the discussion in Claap with the right context, continue discussion in Slack

    • Slack > Claap: a thread is becoming too long and requires to jump on a call? No need. Start recording a claap explaining the context and gather rich in-context feedback.

Remove Claap from Slack

To completely remove the Claap integration, you will need to disconnect the app from your Slack workspace.

Note: For more information about how Claap will collect, manage, and store your Slack's data is clearly explained in our privacy policy, which can be found here →

💡Still got questions? Don't be shy — Ask the Community or get in touch with Claap support, we're here to help!

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