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How to add a call-to-action button
How to add a call-to-action button

With a CTA button on your video, get ready for more clicks!

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Looking to drive more action from your viewers? Adding a call-to-action (CTA) button to your claap video might be the perfect way to do it. And guess what? It's easier than you think.

Key Benefits

A CTA button isn’t just any button. It's your invite for viewers to do something next—whether that's reading more about your product, booking an appointment, hopping over to your online shop, or just browsing your site. Imagine the possibilities!

How it works

  1. Head to the claap video you want to add the CTA to.

  2. Look for the CTA Option in the Edit menu. Click on it and enable the call-to-action.

  3. Customize It: You can customize the label, link, appearance and end of the video tagline:

  4. Save & Review: Always a good idea to check how it looks. Give your video a quick watch to ensure the CTA pops up just right.

Voila! With these easy steps, you've just made your video a lot more engaging. Go on, guide your viewers to the next step and see the magic happen! 👏🎉

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