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Video Insights provide valuable information on how your audience interacts with your video, such as the number of views and the percentage of the video that was watched.

Video insights is only available on our Team and Enterprise plans.

How it works

When you open a claap video, you have access to the Video Insights on the bottom bar. We list there 2 main sections: Overall metrics and Viewers.

Overall metrics

This section contains the following metrics:

  • Views: total views (anonymous and not anonymous) since the beginning. It excludes views from the author.

  • Impressions: total number of times a video has been loaded (directly in the app and when embedded), including impressions on embeds. It excludes views from the author.

  • View rate: Percentage of the video that was watched by all users, in % (coming soon!).


  • Views: we count the number of times a user watched the claap video.

  • Impressions: Number of times the video was loaded by each user, including impressions on embeds.

  • View rate: Percentage of the video that was watched by a given user, calculated with the timestamp viewed / total duration.

We also report here anonymous viewers, with stats aggregated in a single line.

For guests and public viewers, we hide the insights icon & tab as only members can access it.

How to access Video Insights

  1. Open the claap video you wish to analyse

  2. Click on x views from the bottom bar

  3. To close the Video Insights tab, click on the X on the top right corner.

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