Mentioning people on a claap

Get attention from teammates by @mentioning them in the comments.

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Type of mentions

There’re different types of mentions:

  • @user: notifies a particular person directly.

  • @here: notifies all guests and members having access to the claap.

Mentions can be used in:

💡 Mentions are not available yet in comments added during the recording.

Mention people

To mention a teammate:

  1. Type @ in the text field to open the mention overlay.

  2. Select the user you want to mention from the dropdown or type @here

  3. That's it, notification is in their inbox!

Note that mentioning someone who is not invited to the claap will result in not sending any notification. This happens for example when you mention a workspace member not having access to your private claap.

It’s also not possible to mention a user whose invite to Claap is pending. In other words, you need to make sure your teammate has access to the Claap and is already registered to ensure she will get notified.

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