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The My Library section stands as a central hub where all your essential recordings are neatly organized. This feature is split into two intuitive sub-sections: My claaps and Shared with me. Let's dig deeper to understand how each section operates and how they can be instrumental in improving your workflow.

My claaps

Imagine having a personal vault where all your valuable recordings are securely stored and easily accessible at any given time. This is precisely what the My claaps section offers. Here, every recording that you create finds a home, ready to be accessed and shared according to your preference.

Additionally, you can view the topic’s name alongside the claap name, if it belongs to a workspace topic. This section also allows you to see who has viewed your recordings, promoting effective collaboration.

Shared with me

The Shared with me section offers a dedicated space where you can find all the claaps that have been shared with you by your peers.

Just like in the My claaps section, if a shared claap is a part of a workspace topic, this will be indicated next to its name. This way, you can easily contextualize the shared content and understand its relevance within the ongoing projects or discussions.

However, it's crucial to note that this section only displays the claaps shared by members of the same workspace. If you are looking to access claaps from different organizations, a simple switch of the workspace will do the trick. For more details on this, refer to the guide on how to navigate between workspaces.

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