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Time is gold, especially when it comes to sitting through endless video recordings. You need to capture the essence without sifting through hours of footage, right? That's exactly what AI-powered summaries do for you. And, because we want to give you control, we've added templates to fit all types of meetings. Let's take a look.

AI Summary is a feature included with the Pro license.

How it works

  1. Open the claap video you want to generate the summary for

  2. In the Overview tab below the video player

  3. Click on Generate AI Summary in the Summary section

  4. In the new modal, choose the template you want to use

  5. Click on Use template

  6. The generated summary will appear after a few seconds in the Overview tab below the video player

  7. After adding a summary, you'll be able edit it, for example to add your own notes.

💡 You can also change the template if you change your mind by clicking on the template dropdown right above the generated AI Summary.


  • Generate AI summaries 50x faster. Save 10 minutes in every meeting. Get meeting notes in seconds.

  • Customize your summaries with templates. Every video meeting is different. From team updates to customer calls, you might use a different framework to structure them. With AI-powered templates, you can tailor your notes so they’re more accurate and actionable.

  • Edit it and share it with your teammates. Edit it in one click to add your thoughts, share the recording with your teammates, or push those notes directly in a Notion database or Slack.

What can AI Summary do?

  • Replace your AI-note taker: want to replace your note taker and consolidate all your video recording solutions? Save 10 min per meeting and $20 per month at the same time. Claap lets you record your meetings and get summaries in seconds on top of being the most powerful screen recorder.

  • Catchup on meetings and videos you missed: Back from vacation? Had to miss a meeting? Review the summary and you'll be caught up in no time.

  • Extract key insights from your user research and customer calls: Claap lets you record or upload customer calls as well as generate transcripts and key insights that you can share with your team.

  • Create new training material in seconds: Need to create tutorials for newcomers? Quickly record your screen, generate a summary and create a Notion Page that includes both in one click.

  • Stop having the same meeting twice: No more "What did we discuss in this call again?" Scan the summary, then jump to the recording or transcript if you need more context.

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