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Intro to Claap
What’s Claap, and why is it a better way to work?
What’s Claap, and why is it a better way to work?

How Claap works, the benefits for your team, and what sets us apart.

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Claap is the all-in-one video workspace to drive better alignment. We combine screen recording, meeting recording and video wiki all-in-one place:

  • Screen recording: Claap helps you share your work and get contextual feedback (tight to both a specific moment and zone of the screen)

  • Meeting recording: you can record your zoom calls or google meet, highlight key moments and get access to transcript so you can share minutes for people that could not attend

  • Video Wiki: you can organize your video content per topics, teams and connect it to your favorite tools, like Slack, Notion, etc.

Best of all? There’s no need to jump between tools to align and make decisions, Claap integrates with your existing apps.

The problem with work today

The way we work today is highly fragmented. We have different views in where we work (office vs remote), how we work (async vs meetings), and the tools we use, especially for video communication.

We have struggled with this for the past three years, only to realize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. People have different preferences, and that's okay. The challenge is that we also need to connect everything in one place, increase transparency, facilitate more efficient meetings and preserve enough focus time.

Rather than debating who is right, we should strive to find a balance and answer two important questions: when I meet, how can I make sure it's just for necessary meetings. And how can I make my meetings more efficient.

That's why we are creating Claap and video collaboration. We want to connect people, bring back transparency and collaboration, all in one place.

On one side, we are able to replace unnecessary meetings with short videos. On the other hand, we can make meetings more efficient with meeting recording and AI-generated notes. Instead of having two or three different tools for video sharing, meeting recording, or tutorials, Claap is a single video workspace for everything.

Claap – the modern way to align hybrid teams

Asynchronous meetings by Claap help you reduce the number of meetings needed to share updates, get feedback and solve roadblocks.

Claap's video workspace helps you share quick video updates, record meetings and organize video content, all in one place:

  • Replace your next meeting with a short video and get feedback faster with annotations, threads and video replies

  • Record your meetings with highlights, transcripts and AI notes. Let your teammates catch up on key moments.

  • Scale your team’s knowledge with a video workspace designed for your org. Connect with your favorite apps.

Who uses Claap?

From next-gen startups to recognized leaders, thousands of organizations are using Claap every day to drive more impact and flexibility in their work. Some of the companies that use and love Claap include Kavak, Revolut, Qonto, and OpenClassrooms.

Claap works best for teams that struggle with alignment issues and find their calendars full of meetings. Below are some guides specifically designed for teams that have switched to Claap and never looked back:

Claap for Product: Bring your team together to plan, execute and ship faster, from product roadmap to launch. Popular use cases: product demo, design review, and user research.

Claap for Design: Share your work and get feedback from cross-functional teams at each step of your design workflow. Craft the ultimate product experience. Popular use cases: design review, design handover, and tutorials.

Claap for Marketing: From strategy to content creation, rally your team at every step and close the gap with clients to craft the ultimate go-to-market strategy. Popular use cases: training, cross-team planning, and creative feedback.

Claap for Sales: move deals faster with impactful outreach videos and arm your buyer with personalized content. Popular use cases: prospect outreach, product demo, training and enablement.

Claap for Customer Success: leverage async video collaboration to nurture and train your customers at scale. Popular use cases: bug report, customer training, and cross-team planning.

Curious about how to use Claap with your team? Check-out our playbooks.

How teams drive more impact with Claap

Claap’s mission is to free teams and individuals from back-to-back meetings and endless messaging threads through async video collaboration. There’s a few ways that teams see huge improvements in collaboration and productivity from day one.

Share updates to get everyone on the same page

You can use Claap to replace your next meeting with a 3-min video. Share your work with a quick screen recording and let your teammates contribute on their own time.

Get feedback and make decisions, without the meetings

With Claap is super easy to give feedback async, with video annotation, comment threads, video replies, polls, and emojis. Your team can even reply to comments directly from Slack.

Record important calls and share it with your coach and teammates

You improve efficiency just by recording your next meeting. This empowers you to keep it small and just invite those that need to be there. Claap lets your teammates catchup on key moments with automated meeting recordings and AI-generated notes.

Organize all your video knowledge in one place

Create a knowledge base for feedback and decisions, no matter where it takes place.

How to get started with Claap

Getting started checklist

  1. Connect your calendar with our meeting calculator to understand the meetings you have

  2. Look at all the meetings you have next week and identity the main goal for each one

  3. If you’re the organizer and the goal is to give an update/get feedback, replace them with a claap video so others can leave feedback (and watch it in 1.6x).

  4. For the meetings that need to happen, record them with Claap so you have AI-generated notes and others can collaborate async.

Going forward, there are two ways to use Claap to increase productivity:

  1. As a project lead: if the next slot to update the team and get feedback on a project is in 1 or 2 weeks, explain to your teammates that you’re going to record a claap. They can watch it in 1.6x speed and leave feedback directly on the video.

  2. If you’re a team leader and struggle to find time to give feedback on every project, ask your team to record a claap so you can give feedback async.

Additional resources

Explore the Get Started section to find out how you can quickly start creating and collaborating in Claap. And if you need additional help, here's what you can do:

Happy claaping!

💡Still got questions? Don't be shy — Ask the Community or get in touch with Claap support, we're here to help!

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