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Understanding Claap plans and pricing
Understanding Claap plans and pricing

Not sure which Claap plan to choose for your team? This article will help you to make the right choice.

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At Claap, we think it's important for you to have the chance to fully explore our platform and all its essential features without any time constraints. That's why we have a Basic plan that lets you test things out and see how Claap can help you and your team, for free.

Once your team starts creating more video content, you might eventually want to switch to one of our paid plans. We have three to choose from: Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. Each one comes with different features and limits that can help your team collaborate and work better together.

Choosing the right plan: What you need to know.

πŸ‘‰ Take a look at this page to review prices and detailed feature comparison.

Basic Plan

You can use Claap's Basic plan for free for as long as you want, and invite as many people on your team as you need! Whenever you invite someone to join your team, they'll automatically get access to all of your public channels. Just keep in mind that you're limited to one team in the Basic plan and private topics and claaps are reserved for our paid plans.

Starter Plan

Our Starter plan offers unlimited videos with up to 30-min in duration. Perfect to share quick video updates and get feedback on your work. With this plan, you also get access to video editing, transcript, video Insights, and advanced privacy settings

Pro Plan

The Pro plan is the perfect solution for growing teams that need unlimited video and meeting recordings, as well as all the power AI can bring to your videos. With the Pro plan, you get access to:

  • Automated Zoom Recording + Gmeet app

  • AI-powered summaries

  • AI Copilot

  • Speaker Insights

Enterprise plan

Enterprise plan is for teams that are looking to scale collaboration and want to use Claap across several different departments or teams. It lets your company manage Claap access in one place and gives you a lot of flexibility to make sure it meets your security and privacy needs. Plus, you also get access to:

  • CRM Integrations

  • Advanced Privacy Settings + SSO

  • Custom API & webhooks

  • Custom Implementation

We'll work with you to make sure the plan fits what you're looking for. Just get in touch with our Sales team if you want to learn more.

A note on paid seats

In all of our paid plans, only recorders are paid seats. Contributors, Visitors and Guests are free seats.

Here's a quick reminder of the role options for workspace members:

  • Contributor (free): This role has limited access to the workspace, allowing users to view and comment only. It also comes with limited recording rights, allowing up to 5 minutes per video and a maximum of 5 videos.

  • Recorder (paid): This role offers unlimited recording rights, including meeting recording and video uploads, with up to 30 minutes per video.

πŸ‘‰ Learn all about Roles and Permissions in Claap.

πŸ’‘Still got questions? Don't be shy β€” Ask the Community or get in touch with Claap support, we're here to help!

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