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How to import your Loom videos
How to import your Loom videos

Collaborate on Claap regardless of where you first recorded

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Import your Loom videos to Claap and enrich your video collaboration with Claap's powerful features such as video annotation, channels or meeting recordings with AI summaries.

Benefits of bringing your Loom videos into Claap

With our integrations with Loom, Google Meet, and Zoom you can centralize all of your recordings in a single Video Workspace. By bringing your Loom videos to Claap you can:

  • Transcribe your videos with AI-generated notes & highlights. Claap will transcribe it in minutes in more than 99 languages and automatically generate a summary of your meeting.

  • Collaborate with your teammates & coach. Let your teammates or coach catch up on key moments and add their feedback through video annotations, threads and video replies.

  • Search within your recordings. Access all your recordings in one central Video HQ. Easily search through your recordings. Organize your content in teams and topics. Connect it to your favorite apps.

How to import your videos from Loom

Import your Loom videos into your Claap workspace in just a few steps:

  1. Copy the URL of the Loom video you want to import to Claap

  2. Login to Claap

  3. Click on New ClaapUpload video

  4. Click on the Loom icon

  5. Past the URL of the Loom video

  6. Click on Import

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