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Video transcript in Claap videos

Easily digest and scan your videos with Claap's multi-language transcript

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Video is the best format to provide the right level of context and avoid misunderstanding. But at the same time, it's also hard to scan and digest longer videos. Transcripts, together with search and video annotation, solve for that.

Key benefits

Transcripts help you make your video content more accessible and user-friendly. How? It converts the spoken words into text and display it right beside the video player. This way, viewers can easily read along with what's being said and better understand your message. It's a super helpful tool for making sure your content reaches a wider audience.

Key benefits:

  • Multi-language transcripts: Automatically transcribe your recording into 100 different languages

  • High accuracy: Transcribes 1h of audio in 10s with a word error rate as low as 1%

  • Synced playback: follow along with your video transcript while you listen to the recording.

  • Speaker detection: automatically detect multiple speakers from your file. Add and rename speakers.

  • Search within video: Search the full text transcript of any video and find the exact moment you’re looking for.

  • Comment and share insights with your team: annotate the transcript, tag your colleagues, and share important insights with them.

How to use transcripts

  1. Open a claap video and you see the Transcripts option on the side panel of your video

  2. We'll divide your transcript by speaker and add timestamps for easy navigation. Simply click on any timestamp in the video or in the transcript to jump to that point.

  3. Use the copy button to copy the entire transcript to your clipboard.

  4. You can also search for specific words or phrases, just click on the search button.

Transcription is only available on videos recorded or uploaded after the feature went live. For old videos, use the upload feature to get a transcript for the new version.

How to add highlights and comments

Go from raw video data to actionable findings. Claap automatically transcribes your videos into 100 languages and helps you annotate the transcript to discover meaningful insights.

Use Claap’s commenting system directly in your transcript to tag your teammates, provide coaching and share important insights with them.

Favourite use cases

Here are our favourite use cases to use the transcript:

  • User Interviews — Record user research, tag key moments and easily search through transcript.

  • Customer Calls — Easily search keywords (feature request, competitors name, pricing discussions) in your latest customer calls.

  • Training — easily search through your training videos using keywords.

Supported languages

We currently support +100 languages. Here you find the list in alphabetical order:

  • Afrikaans

  • Albanian

  • Amharic

  • Arabic

  • Armenian

  • Assamese

  • Azerbaijani

  • Bashkir

  • Basque

  • Belarusian

  • Bengali

  • Bosnian

  • Breton

  • Bulgarian

  • Burmese

  • Castilian

  • Catalan

  • Chinese

  • Croatian

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • English

  • Estonian

  • Faroese

  • Finnish

  • Flemish

  • French

  • Galician

  • Georgian

  • German

  • Greek

  • Gujarati

  • Haitian

  • Haitian Creole

  • Hausa

  • Hawaiian

  • Hebrew

  • Hindi

  • Hungarian

  • Icelandic

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Javanese

  • Kannada

  • Kazakh

  • Khmer

  • Korean

  • Lao

  • Latin

  • Latvian

  • Letzeburgesch

  • Lingala

  • Lithuanian

  • Luxembourgish

  • Macedonian

  • Malagasy

  • Malay

  • Malayalam

  • Maltese

  • Maori

  • Marathi

  • Moldavian

  • Moldovan

  • Mongolian

  • Myanmar

  • Nepali

  • Norwegian

  • Nynorsk

  • Occitan

  • Panjabi

  • Pashto

  • Persian

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Punjabi

  • Pushto

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Sanskrit

  • Serbian

  • Shona

  • Sindhi

  • Sinhala

  • Sinhalese

  • Slovak

  • Slovenian

  • Somali

  • Spanish

  • Sundanese

  • Swahili

  • Swedish

  • Tagalog

  • Tajik

  • Tamil

  • Tatar

  • Telugu

  • Thai

  • Tibetan

  • Turkish

  • Turkmen

  • Ukrainian

  • Urdu

  • Uzbek

  • Valencian

  • Vietnamese

  • Welsh

  • Yiddish

  • Yoru

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