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Managing your workload can be a lot smoother with Claap's Custom Views. Here’s how you can sort and access your claaps more efficiently.

How to Filter Claaps

Custom Views let you organize your claaps in a way that makes sense to you. You can filter by:

  • Author: Quickly find claaps from specific team members.

  • Label: Use your own labeling system to categorize claaps.

  • Created Date: Sort claaps chronologically.

The filter function is available in Channels, My Claaps, and Shared with Me sections.

Save Your Favorite Filters

For easier access, you can save your most-used filters. This way, you can return to your custom view without having to set up filters each time.

Custom View Examples

  • Employee Training: Arrange training videos by week or topic, and sync them with Notion for better organization.

  • Customer Onboarding: Use concise videos for a straightforward product introduction.

  • Customer Calls: Sort calls by type (like discovery or demo) to keep them well-organized.

  • Product Demos: Group all your product demos in one place, filtered by different teams or themes.

  • Bug Reports: Configure claaps to send bug reports directly to Slack for prompt action.

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