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Claap x Google Calendar integration
Claap x Google Calendar integration
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Are you ready to take your meeting scheduling and recording to the next level? We're thrilled to announce Claap's latest feature: Google Calendar integration. With this new functionality, seamlessly connect your Google Calendar to Claap and streamline your meeting experience like never before.

Turn on Google Calendar Integration

  • Open My meetings page from the lateral bar:

  • Click on "Connect Google Calendar":

  • Log in through Google's authentication with the same email account you used to log into Claap

  • That's it, at this point, you have connected your Google Calendar with your Claap account

Note you an also connect by opening your Apps & Integrations settings and choosing "Google Calendar":

"My meetings" page

Once your calendar is connected, you will find two useful tabs in the My meetings page: "Upcoming" and "Meeting recordings"

  • The Upcoming tab allows you to preview your upcoming scheduled meetings for the current day and next couple of weeks:

  • The Meeting recordings tab gives you access to all of your previously recorded meetings:

    Note these meetings will also show up in My claaps

Meetings listed in the Upcoming tab can have different states:

  • An upcoming meeting that has not yet started will be shown as follows:

  • A meeting which is in progress will be shown with a Join meeting link. Clicking on that link will directly open the corresponding Google Meet page in a new tab. If the meeting is currently being recorded, a Recording label will apear, as below:

  • A meeting which is over and has been recorded will show a View recording link, which will direct you to the corresponding recording page:

  • A meeting which has past and was not recorded will be shown with a Not recorded label:

Recording your meeting and viewing the recording

In order for your Google Meet meeting to be recorded and show up in your Meeting recordings, simply join the meeting and start recording with the Chrome extension. For help recording your Google Meet meetings you can check the article How to record meetings in Google Meet.

After your meeting ends, you can access it in My claaps and in My meetings.

When viewing your meeting recording, you can also see information about the people who were in the meeting invite. Check the "People" field below the video player:

Hovering over that field will show you more details. You can see in the tooltip email information for each person, organization information, whether the person was an external attendee, and who was the organizer:

A meeting recording is similar to any other recording. You can share it, comment and mention people, edit or trim the video, see Speaker Insights and Views, and of course generate an AI Summary.

Wrapping Up

With Claap's Google Calendar integration, previewing your upcoming meeting schedule and accessing your corresponding meeting recordings has never been easier.

Ready to elevate your meeting experience? Connect your Google Calendar today and start maximizing your productivity with Claap!

πŸ’‘Still got questions? Don't be shy β€” Ask the Community or get in touch with Claap support, we're here to help!

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