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Video trimming on Claap is a strategic tool to enhance the clarity and impact of your communications. Whether you're sharing updates with your team or presenting a project to external stakeholders, this feature empowers you to create focused, professional-quality videos effortlessly.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Precision: By trimming the start, end, or specific sections, you can eliminate errors or irrelevant content, ensuring your message is on-point.

  2. Time Efficiency: Reduce the need for multiple recordings. Make adjustments post-recording to perfect your video.

  3. Professional Quality: Share polished videos that reflect the professionalism of your work, especially critical for external presentations.

  4. User-Friendly Experience: Designed for ease of use, this feature is accessible to users of all skill levels.

How to Use the Video Trimming Feature

Accessing the Feature

Find the 'Edit video' option within the '...' menu of Claap tiles or the Claap thumbnail/preroll screen. This option is enabled for users with full access rights to a Claap.

Trimming Process

Use the edition bar’s handles to define the start and end points of your desired video section. The soundwaves and timeline facilitate precise selection, crucial for targeting specific dialogue or scenes.

Transcript-Based Editing

For videos with transcripts, you can directly edit the video by selecting text in the transcript. This innovative approach links your text selection to the corresponding video segment, making the editing process more intuitive and accurate.

Remove Silences

Keep the pace of your claaps high by removing silences with our magic button. Select the minimum length of silence and watch unnecessary parts of your video disappear.

Finalizing Your Video

After making the desired edits, hit Publish changes to process and finalize your trimmed video.

Tips for a Seamless Editing Experience

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Embrace shortcuts like DEL for deletion, CMD + Z for undo, and arrow keys for frame-by-frame navigation to enhance your editing speed and efficiency.

  • Undo and Redo Features: Experiment without worry. The undo and redo functions allow you to tweak your video until it’s just right.

  • Desktop Use: As video editing is not available on mobile devices, use a desktop for a comprehensive editing experience.

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