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Adding files and links to a claap
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Did you know that you can attach links and files directly to your Claap videos?

Imagine having all your important resources, like that must-see Figma design or an essential project document, just a click away while discussing your video.

It’s all about making your work easier, more connected, and keeping everything you need right where you need it. Let’s walk through how you can make the most of this feature:

How it works

Find the section:

  • Open your Claap video

  • Look for the Apps & Links section, right below the Summary

Adding Links and Files:

  • Click the Plus (+) Icon

  • Choose Your Action: You'll see three choices:

    • Add link – for all your web links.

    • Add file – to attach documents and more.

    • Connect apps & integrations – to integrate with your favorite tools.

  • Adding a Link:

    • Pick Add link, paste your URL, and Claap takes care of the rest, even grabbing the website's icon for easy identification.

  • Uploading a File:

    • Click Add file and choose what you need to attach.

  • Linking Apps:

    • Use Connect apps & integrations to send your claap to Notion or Linear.

Editing and Removing:

  • To remove any resource, just hover and click the small (x).

  • For now, links can’t be edited, but you can quickly remove and add a new one.

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