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Attach images and files in comments
Attach images and files in comments
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You can attach images and files to your comments to contribute with richer content.


We all know the saying, "a picture is worth a thousand words." So when it comes to expressing complex ideas and feedback, sharing an image or screenshot can be the quickest and most effective option.

Some of the most popular use cases include:

  • Design Review: Attach images to comment on a design to express your thoughts.

  • Product Specs: Express complex ideas like workflows in one click.

  • Analytics Update : Compare data between charts and avoid misalignment.

How to add a file to a comment

There are two options to add a file:

  • Browsing files: click on the attachment icon in the comment box. This will open a pop-up so you can select your file

  • Drag & Drop: simply drag a file in the comment box to add a file

If you edit a comment containing a file, you cannot modify or delete the file.

You can upload any kind of file, but each file must be 1 GB or smaller.

Also note that when you click on add file, you can only select one file at a time. You can still upload multiple files in the same comment by clicking on add file for each file.

How to interact with files in comments

A few notes to keep in mind when interacting with files added to comments:

  • Images will appear as clickable thumbnails which will open a preview

  • All other files will appear as labels which can be clicked to download.

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