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This feature is available with the Pro Plan.


Ditch the 20-minute struggle to perfect your video. With AI Copilot, all you need to do it hit record and get your video or meeting share-ready in seconds. With just one click, AI Copilot will handle all the tedious tasks like creating titles, subtitles, chapters, and tags for you. Intrigued? Let's dive in.

Key Benefits

Here’s all AI Copilot can do for you:

  • Create Auto Titles: give your claap videos a cool name without the headache.

  • Generate Auto Descriptions: Add context with zero fuss.

  • Create Tags Automatically: Make your videos easy to find with tags that pop.

  • Break Down Videos with Auto Minutes: Help your teammates jump to the right section.

How it works

  1. Record or upload any video: Whether it’s recording meetings, screen shares, or uploading existing content, Claap quickly identifies the language and speakers, delivering a transcript in seconds.

  2. Let the video process: Once the video finishes processing, AI Copilot will automatically generate titles, descriptions, tags, and auto-chapters. No more wasting time trying to piece together the perfect video.

  3. Edit if needed: Of course, you have the option to edit or delete any change the AI Copilot did.

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